The MDC’s chronicle of the post election violence report

Hundreds of MDC supporters have received serious injuries after the party garnered more House of Assembly seats than Zanu PF in March 29 2008 elections.

The MDC also won 50, 3 percent of the Presidential poll votes although the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has been forced by Zanu PF not to release the result. Over 20 MDC supporters from Masvingo North constituency in Masvingo province, Mudzi and Mutoko districts in Mashonaland East were during the weekend of 12 and 13 April admitted at the Avenues Clinic in Harare after they  received serious injuries following the attacks from Zanu PF supporters, youth militia who are being backed by uniformed soilders.  Some of the villagers have since fled there homes after the homes were burnt and property looted by the Zanu PF militia.  Below are some of the reports that have been recorded across the country.  


  29 March 2008


  Lydia Nyamuriga was beaten up by Zanu PF supporters while celebrating the victory of MDC in the parliamentary elections in Epworth. Nyamuriga and two other friends was bashed with sticks and was dragged on a tarred road were she sustained injuries on her right arm and head.



  30 March 2008

Zanu PF youths clad in MDC T-shirts were  moving around in Mt Darwin in Mashonaland Central beating up MDC supporters. One of the perpetrators, identified as Henry Nhambure from Murewa, a youth militia graduate was paid $1,2 billion to beat up MDC supporters.


1 April 2008

Edmond Zimba was attacked by Zanu PF youths in Rugare in Harare while celebrating the victory of MDC in the  parliamentary elections. Zimba was struck by an empty bottle on the face and sustained serious injuries.


Brian Zondo of Muko village in Mudzi North was attacked by a Zanu PF youth identified as Give Shumba on accusations that he had voted for the MDC. Shumba is said to have struck Zondo with a stone on the head after which he sustained a deep cut and had to seek medical attention. The case has since been reported to the police but Shumba is still at large.


2 April 2008

 In Mabvuku-Tafara constituency in Harare, people who were suspected to be MDC supporters were beaten up in beer halls by a group of Zanu PF supporters. Loosing council candidate for ward  26 is alleged to have sent these youths to beat up anyone they suspected to have voted for the MDC. A report has been made to the police but no arrests have been made although the suspects have been identified.


In Mudzi North constituency, Mashonaland East, Ronny Chanzenza of Karumba village had his house destroyed by two Zanu PF youths identified as Martin Machokora and Dudzai Chirapa. Chanzenza managed to escape unhurt.  A report has been made to the police but no action has been taken against the culprits.

Also in Mudzi North constituency, Zororai Manyonga had his house burnt to ashes by people allegedly sent by Kachipa who was Zanu PF house of assembly candidate.


4 April 2008

In Mutoko East constituency, Mashonaland East province, Zanu PF members were moving around the villages waving guns of different sizes and type telling people that the re-run was the last chance for them to vote for Zanu PF and if they don’t then they would use the guns against the villagers. They are also threatening to kidnap people they suspect to have voted for the MDC.


5 April 2008

 In Mabvuku Douglas Chinyemba was attacked by a group of ZANU PF youths and he sustained serious facial injuries.


6 April 2008

Six activists who acted as polling agents for the MDC were evicted from York Farm by War Veterans. They are currently displaced and living in the forests adjacent to York farm


6 April 2008

 The MDC councilor for Ward 2 Seke, Shephered Zhanje was attacked by ZANU PF youths and had his right arm broken. He sustained a permanent injury.


7 April 2008

 ZANU PF is stepping up violence against known MDC supporters and ordinary residents in ward 20, accusing them of having voted for the MDC in the harmonized elections. The chairman for Magamba known as Muropa is alleged to be leading these attacks which started on Monday. ZANU PF is also alleged to be working hand and glove with members of the ZNA who are intimidating the police officers in the area from interfering. Various weapons ranging from knobkerries, catapults and machetes are being used to in perpetrate these attacks. An emergency situation is about to erupt with violent clashes having been recorded between ZANU PF and MDC supporters and at least 2 people have been critically injured


7 April 2008

 ZANU PF activists in Uzumba burnt a hut belonging to Tendai Muzadzi an MDC activist. Tendai was accused of having facilitated the arrest of ZANU PF activists for tearing down MDC posters and threatening people 3 weeks ago. A report was made at Mtawatawa Police Station on Tuesday.


8 April 2008

Innocent Nyandoro, an election agent for the MDC was severely assaulted by suspected ZANU PF thugs who were assisted by the MP elect Richard Chirongwe.  Mr. Chirongwe reported the matter to the Police leading to the brief arrest of the perpetrators who were later on released. Members of the opposition are being threatened on a daily basis with eviction.


8 April 2008

 In Gutu South Constituency soldiers grouped people and addressed them while carrying their guns intimidating people that if they vote for Tsvangirai in the run off they will be shot. They also threatened people with eviction from their homes if they support MDC


MDC supporters were rounded up by armed soldiers in uniform at Kotwa and severely beaten up . Paul Mhanza one of the MDC supporters sustained serious internal injuries and was admitted at Kotwa . Filter Chikura also had his eardrum damaged during the assault.  


9 April 2008

 In Mazowe West, an MDC activist of Sable Peak farm which was , which was invaded by the ZANU PF MP Chironga, was  attacked by the later and his youths and sustained grievous bodily injuries. At the time of this report, he is battling with his life in Concession Hospital


9 April 2008

 A candidate who represented the MDC in the Mutoko North Council Elections was abducted by unknown assailants driving a white Nissan Hard body vehicle. He was taken to Mtoko growth point where he was assaulted by thugs aligned to ZANU PF. He sustained critical injuries and was left for dead. He was assisted by onlookers who had witnessed the whole incident.


9 April 2008

 An MDC supporter was brutally assaulted by ZANU PF supporters led by the MP elect Chironga. He is battling for his life at Concession General Hospital.


9 April 2008

Information reaching this office suggests that a base at KG6 is being created to beef up security ahead of an expected terror campaign scheduled to begin over the weekend. Members of the ZNA are arriving at KG6 in droves.


9 April 2008

 ZANU PF activists aligned to Hubert Nyanhomgo have started invading land belonging to residents of Harare South. The invasions involve uprooting maize fields and cutting down trees indiscriminately. Nyanhongo is alleged to have promised these ZANU PF activists land in the run-up to the Harmonised elections.


9 April 2008

 Lazarus Matonhodze was re-arrested for singing anti-ZANU PF songs at the behest of Hubert Nyanhongo. He had earlier on been released in court for lack of evidence.



9 April 2008

10 ZANU PF activists are alleged to have come at the MDC Marondera ward 7 councilor’s house and started singing politically provocative songs and erected a ZANU PF flag at his house. The mob was led by a Matambudziko Midzi who is the Youth Chairperson for ward 7. The group then proceeded to the Ward 5 councilor’s house were they threatened to inflict more harm on him after they had previously broken his leg in 2006.Amminion Dzinoreva was struck on the head and back by a metal bar  and sustained serious injuries. A report was made at Dombotombo police post but nothing was done. In fact, ZANU PF thugs came and threatened police officers

Roy Mari who was a polling agent at Damvuri during the elections was assaulted by Zanu PF activists and a war vet only identified as Huni of Homestead.


10 April 2008

Denias Dombo was brutally assaulted by ZANU PF youths who are moving around in new c white trucks in Kotwa. He sustained life threatening injuries as he had all his limbs broken after the encounter with an angry ZANU PF mob. He also had his house burnt down to ashes.  The situation in Kotwa has gone out of hand as an estimated 36 people are said to have been displaced by the violence and intimidation so far. These people are staying at Kotwa Police station since their homes have either been burnt or their homes are now unsafe. Some of the victimized people are:

Paul Mlanza, Neza village – was assaulted by soldiers and a report was made at  Kotwa police station.

 Alex Kumbukani – also assaulted by soldiers

 Robert Dombo- Had his house burnt on 9/04/2008

 Langton Chidzidzi- had his ribs broken

 Fungisai Chikuna

 Lovemore Chirapu

 Luisa Chakumanika a female aged 70

 Pamhidzai Tsuro

 Elizabeth Tashupika

 Taoreswa Kambizi

 Kutasa William aged 56

 Viola Kamunaukamwe

 Fungisai Sam

 David Chaora- had his house burnt.

 Another group of MDC youths was displaced from their villages in Chief Mukoti’s Chieftainship by ZANU PF youths in white vehicles brandishing machetes. The victimized youths are: Noah Langton, Wilson Chikore, Biggie Mapambadze, John Sabau, Fungai Tembo, Organise Tsoro, Leonard Chikore and Vengai Kiri


10 April 2008

 In Shamva South Constituency, ZANU PF sponsored thugs (500 million each) to kill the MDC council candidate for ward 19, Happiness Maruva. She escaped after a tip of and went into hiding. The thugs further threatened to bomb her house which was used as the constituency command centre.



10 April 10, 2008

 10 huts belonging to MDC supporters were burnt by ZANU PF activists in Muzarabani South. Chief Kasekete and Chief Chiweshe are the main perpetrators. The victims are Lameck Bande, Patrick Machaya, Chris Maritinyi, Austin Kamvukuta, Anderson Cobster, Jesca Madhava, Chivaura, Tendai Saizi and Masindisa Kiswell

 Meanwhile, the District Chairman is on the run.


10 April 2008

 Rtd Major Midza held private meetings at Bandawe in Muzvezve were he was addressing war veterans and Zanu Pf supporters to prepare for war. He is alleged to have advised the youths to beat up MDC supporters and evict them from the resettled areas. Also present at the meeting was Rtd Major Chivero,Mrs Nduku (wife of former Kadoma CIO head) and a retired meat inspector Chinyumbwi.


Col CT Gurira also addressed Kadoma prison officers misinforming them that MDC will dismiss them from work as soon as it gets into power and also threatened some e of them for voting for the MDC.


11 April 2008

A group of 15 ZANU PF thugs moving in a white truck are reported to be on the rampage in Mutoko North constituency and have 3 MDC activists have been seriously injured after being attacked. The three – Cephas Nyamande, Batsirai Kapikinyu, of Nyamudo village and Rosemary Nyateka of Kapikunyu 1 village are in critical condition. Rosemary Nyateka was attacked at her home after a ZANU PF district meeting held at Kanyongo Township that singled her for having voted for Morgan Tsvangirai and for being an MDC supporter. She sustained wounds on her buttocks after being assaulted with logs. Batsirai Kapikunyu sustained a broken leg after being attacked with clenched fists, booted feet and logs. Cephas Nyaningwe had both his legs broken.


12 April 2008

 In Mutoko South Zanu PF thugs burnt down Davias Matiza’s house. Matiza managed to escape and boarded a bus. The thugs followed him and surrounded the bus and demanded him out of the bus. He however managed to flee from the scene again and is still on the run as they are still after his life.

Houses belonging to two MDC supporters, Paul Nyikayaramba and Kabasa, were also burnt by Zanu PF militia in the same area


Patience Mapuranga and Mahwisai Chizanga,  MDC polling agents were beaten up by Zanu PF thugs accusing them of supporting MDC. The two suffered serious injuries all over their bodies. The case was reported to the police and the police officer handling the issue was also assaulted and accused of supporting the MDC.    


More than 15 Zanu PF thugs in Mutoko South attacked Naira Savanhu and her children in the middle of the night. Savanhu was accused of having voted for MDC and giving victory to the MDC in the




12 April 2008

 In Mudzi West , Paradzai Chimutsa of Kagonda village had his two shops looted from by a group of more than sixty Zanu PF thugs .More than half of the groceries in his small shop were looted by Zanu PF militia .Mr Chimutsa was away when ZanuPF militia pounced on his family and accused the family of supporting MDC. The family lost billions worth of groceries to Zanu PF militia.


12 April 2008.


At least 20 MDC supporters, Privelege Shuva (15) of Chivaka village, Mudzi East Ostina Chikwanha (38) from the same area, Tonderai Souza (20), Edmond Souza (49) Everisto Maguma (19) Sakina Maguma (47), Tracy Souza (37) Mark Mavhura (22) and Stanley Simba are some of the MDC that are detained in hospital following attacks from Zanu PF militia from Tuesday.





12 April 2008

 Zanu PF’s terror on defenceless people has now reached alarming levels following the death of MDC supporter Tapiwa Mubwanda of Hurungwe West  in Mashonaland West province. Tapiwa Mubwanda, 53, was on the night of Saturday, 12 April 2008, attacked by Zanu PF supporters at his homestead in Mhereyenyoka village under Chief Kazangarare.  Mubwanda was the polling agent for Hon. Chambati during the 29 March elections.During the attack Mubwanda was stabbed with a knife and he died on the spot.  His elder brother Linos Mubwanda who heard the commotion went out to investigate and was also brutally assaulted by the group.  


12 April 2008

 In another act of serious disregard of the law, a member of the Central Intelligence Office identified as Amos Jaravaza shot Takawira Hove on both legs also on Saturday.

There were also attempts after the shooting of Hove by CIO operatives and Zanu PF supporters to poison him at Gokwe hospital.  

The MDC has since taken Hove to a more secure and safe hospital.


15 April 2008

 In Muzvezve in Mashonaland West province,four families have been forced to flee their homes after Zanu PF members led by a Rt Major Midza threatened to attack them and burn their homes.  Four of them, Clever Machingauta, Gift Machingauta, Miriam Machingauta and Munyaradzi Muchenjeri were polling agents for the MDC during the 29 March elections.


16 April 2008

 In Murehwa North Zanu PF supporters backed by the army have burnt close to 10 homesteads at Dandara Village while four MDC youths had to be ferried by an ambulance to a hospital in Harare after they were knocked down by a Zanu PF pick-up truck at Murehwa growth point.  One of the youths sustained deep cuts on the head and is in a critical condition.


16 April 2008


In Gokwe Chireya, Midlands province Zanu PF is forcing people to attend meetings everyday and those who are perceived to be MDC supporters are being threatened with death.  The villagers have also been given orders not to listen to Studio 7.  A training base has also been set up in the constituency in what sources say would be used to as torture camp in the event of a presidential run-off.


16 April 2008


Didymus Mutasa, a Zanu PF politburo member has recruited over 300 youths for militia training at Vengere Stadium in Rusape.  The youths have since last week been moving around intimidating people in Rusape town for having voted for the MDC in March.


17 April 2008

At least 100 MDC activists including three senior MDC officials Fortune Gwaze, Luke Tamborinyoka and Kudakwashe Matimbiri have been arrested in Harare.  The three officials are being charged with organizing the MDC stay-away in demand for the release of the Presidential poll result.


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