Civic group warns of forces of evil

HARARE - The Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe (CCDZ) is advising all MDC activists and members of civic groups to be on the look-out for against what they are calling the forces of evil - the state agents who have been abducting opposition officials and civic leaders.

In an advisory statement, the group said: We have it on good record that the Central Intelligence Organisation would like to wipe out leaders of the above mentioned organisations before the presidential run-off scheduled for the 27th June, 2008.We urge all the political leaders to take precautionary measures and avoid isolated places where they can be easily ambushed by the notorious CIOs.

The CCDZ also urged prominent lawyers in Harare and Bulawayo who had handled MDC cases, and journalists who had reported on the MDC, to exercise extreme caution in the face of the many numbers of assassinations and abductions.

Mfundo Mlilo from the Combined Harare Residents Association, which is working with the CCDZ, said four of their members had been abducted from the Kuwadzana high-density area of Harare. Two were still missing. Murdered MDC activist Tonderai Ndira was also a CHRA member for the Mabvuku district. – SW Radio Africa

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