Govt is a group of criminals – Vavi

More than 700 people in Johannesburg and hundreds in other South Africa cities on Saturday demonstrated demanding the military junta in Harare to step down. Demonstrators also called on SADC, the Africa Union (AU) and the South African government to take urgent measures to ensure that the presidential run-off in Zimbabwe was free and fair.

Zwelizima Vavi the secretary general of COSATU, which organized the nationwide anti-Mugabe protests said Mugabe is forcing himself on the people of Zimbabwe.

“We are marching to assert loudly and clear that the is crisis in Zimbabwe has spiralled out of control and that decisive action is urgently required because there is no government in Zimbabwe. That government was dissolved on March 28, the day before elections.  What we see now there is a group of criminals,” Vavi said.

Speaking during the protest in Johannesburg, Vavi urged Zimbabweans living in South Africa and other countries to sacrifice by going back to face the brutality of the Harare administration’s violence and vote for change in the forthcoming poll.

“There will be no free and fair election in Zimbabwe on the current conditions that exists in Zimbabwe people are being beaten up, people are being killed and people are being raped. Children as young as three years dying in side house when are being burnt down. We don’t see justice in Zimbabwe but we want to urge all Zimbabwe living in South Africa and elsewhere in the region to go back home and vote the dictator out voting for change,” he said

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