Joint Operations Command Centres’ new’ modus operandi’.

The Joint Operations Command Centres countrywide have reported in with
"options" to the failed campaign of violence to subjugate and displace the population.

There will now be a two pronged campaign prepared and executed to improve

the image of Robert Mugabe and Zanu(pf)

1.”Lure” back the people’s vote. Eliminate duties on basic commodities.

Offer free medical care to “all children.” This will be followed by other


2. Manipulate opinion through every means available to ensure that Zanu(PF)


seen to be suffering from violence.  “Hospitals” and clinics will be

identified countrywide at “neutral venues” out of sight to be set up as

“treatment” centres for Zanu(PF) victims of violence.  This will be promoted

widely, locally and internationally to give the impression that the MDC are

the perpetrators.  The state media will be used to shift the blame.  The

government will make a statement condemning violence at the appropriate time

once this plan is in place.

. Zanu(PF) are very concerned about the opinion of SADCC and The UN.

.     A CID-led team will be set up on Monday (19th) to “investigate”

violence by the MDC.

.    ZRP have now been “stood down” from election duty.

. “Lectures” being carried out throughout the Security Forces on voter


      how to vote for RGM.

. The Postal Vote exercise will get underway now that the date of the

      re-run has been announced.

. Over 90% of the ZRP voted MDC on the 29th. Many abstained.

. Top commanders (Zanu(PF) Loyalists) appear to be cock a hoop.

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