“Induku kayakhi muzi”

Copy of the flyer being distributed by WOZA whilst marching:
Still standing strong for our children
- a Mother's Day message from WOZA.

As Mothers Day draws near, we, the mothers of the nation, have examined our
existence and that of our children and decided that enough is enough. We are
deeply concerned about the current political impasse. The collapse of the
schooling and health systems need to be urgently addressed by a new
government but these issues are being ignored due to the election impasse.
We cannot keep on waiting however; our lives are at stake. We voted in peace
on 29 March but we are being punished for choosing to vote for a change.

Behind the fist
The ‘fist’ is the trademark of Robert Mugabe. We have seen how this fist
works. People in Matabeleland and Midlands, supporters of ZAPU, were killed
during Gukurahundi in the early 1980’s. Residents of Porta Farm also paid a
high price for Mugabe’s hatred of Ndabaningi Sithole. In 2000, Mugabe
launched violent land invasions to punish Zimbabweans who refused his
constitutional amendments, and we are still paying the price of hunger
today. In 2005, Operation Murambatsvina was designed to quell rising dissent
and support for the Movement for Democratic Change after the 31 March 2005
election. When he saw the true results of the March 29 election he launched
Operation MaVhoterapapi (where have you voted).

“Mhosva haitongwi nekurwa “- to use violence is to admit defeat

Recognising WOZA’s role as human rights defenders, we therefore call on
Robert Mugabe to immediately hand over power to the winner of the
presidential election, Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe as the leader of a
so-called ‘liberation war party’ has failed to deliver social justice. The
heroes who lie buried at Heroes Acres and in unmarked graves in surrounding
countries died for this ideal – one man one vote.

We do not want a presidential election run-off because this will result in
more violence as we campaign for the candidate of our choice. There can be
no free and fair environment in any district of the country at present with
violence as it is.

In preparation for the run off, it seems Zanu PF have made moves to ‘starve’
any supporters of the pro-democracy activists. WOZA members report being
unable to buy mealie meal if they do not produce a Zanu PF card. Many
supermarkets now form two queues one for Zanu PF members which is serviced
and another queue whose occupants go home empty handed.

We ask the real war veterans to help us stop the violence and speak out
against those perpetrating the violence in their name. We know ‘war
veterans’ met villagers in Mukuwa, Matabeleland South and told them – “we
are declaring war”. Is this why they ordered weapons from China? To kill
ordinary Zimbabweans who simply want a better life and the full realisation
of the liberation war promises?

“Induku kayakhi muzi” – fighting does not build a home; war does not build a
We call on the uniformed forces to realise that there is no peace in the
absence of justice. Respect that Zimbabweans have voted for change and
refrain from being used to perpetrate violence and to carry out injustices.
When change comes, and it will come, WOZA will demand an audit of all civil
servants, including the uniformed forces. We, your neighbours in our
communities, know you for the things that you do, both good and bad. We will
remember. Hear us loud and clear – your leaders may get ‘generous retirement
packages’ but you will be left to face the justice of the law and the anger
of the people.
When you see us in the streets, we come in peace with love in our hearts and
you have the choice to respond likewise and allow us to do our work as
mothers of the nation. Good actions will also be remembered and rewarded.
As mothers we advise that during this period, Zimbabweans must remain calm
but committed to making their vote count. This is a time for courage and
also a time for humility. It is in this spirit that we call on the Chief
Election Officer, Lovemore Sekeramayi, to use his powers under the 5th
Schedule of the Electoral Act, to declare the candidate with the ‘greatest
number of votes’ the winner forthwith. He knows who won fair and square and
should declare Morgan Tsvangirai the winner. Our lives depend on his courage
and sense of decency.
We also call on SADC, the African Union and United Nations to show their
solidarity for the people and respect that Zimbabweans have already chosen a
new president and that their vote should count. The current government are
trying to subvert the laws of the land and allowing Mugabe to stay in power
when he lost the election.

Change will come. The people’s voices will be heard and respected.
We just need to keep standing strong.

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