Something terrible to hide

Something terrible to hide

With state-sponsored violence spiralling out of control, what are the police - who are supposed to maintain law and order - doing about it?

Their commissioner, Augustine Chihuri, has, in the past, promised zero tolerance for election violence. But in reality he is busy forcing policemen to use postal ballots which are supervised by his trusted lieutenants to ensure Mugabe wins the run-off presidential election.His officers are not only turning a blind eye to the dastardly events taking place in the rural areas, they are aiding and abetting the perpetrators of the violence and setting up roadblocks to prevent help reaching the victims.

A case in point is the harassment of several diplomats who had gone to see for themselves just what was going on.On several occasions government spokesmen have challenged statements made by human rights defenders and foreign governments, saying they could not speak with authority because they were not on the ground. These diplomats went out into the rural areas – onto the ground – to ascertain the facts at first hand.

First, the police tried to stop them entering hospitals and then harassed them at a roadblock as they were returning to the capital. If the victims had been Zanu (PF) we doubt that the police would have behaved in this manner. Surely they would have wanted the whole world to see evidence of MDC violence?
We can conclude nothing else than that this action by the military junta proves that it has something terrible to hide.

Morgan Tsvangirai has issued a statement condemning the violence. Robert Mugabe has lost his voice.
Should we conclude from this that the rumours are true about him being held hostage by his own security chiefs?The behaviour of the junta shows that they are cowards, frightened of elections, frightened of change, frightened of justice, haunted by the horrors they have committed. But they cannot stem the tide. The people of Zimbabwe are now wiser. They do not want violent political parties to make their lives a misery. Why would anybody in his right mind vote for Mugabe today?

It would be a vote for oppression, a vote for iron control by a moribund bunch of thieves who have not a single idea, nor intention, of solving the problems that beset ordinary Zimbabweans. Their sole purpose is to save their skins and keep their snouts in the feeding trough for as long as possible. Come the presidential run-off date, the people of Zimbabwe are determined to deliver a knock-out blow once and for all, sending this corrupt bunch packing – hopefully to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
We applaud the courage of the many policemen who have vowed, publicly and privately, not to give in to the intimidatory pressure from Chihuri and others to vote for Mugabe.

Despite what they are being told, they know that their jobs are secure as long as they do not commit atrocities against the people. An MDC government will have nothing against them – as long as their hands are not bloodied.


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