Unsung talent gets chance to dance

Chocolate City join other dazzling dancers hoping to walk off with the dollars and the dance scholarship.

Unsung talent gets chance to dance


The country's biggest dance contest, Jibilika, kicked off this week at the Courtauld Theatre in Mutare.

The year-old national dance competition features many different kinds of dance, including traditional, pansula, hip hop, rhumba, sungura and classic contemporary, and has now become an annual event.
The project came out of a realisation that dance has been overlooked for ages, despite the abundance of talent in the country, said the 25-year-old project director Plot Mhako.The goal is to provide a platform of exposure for artists to showcase their talent, mainly in dance, [and to] preserve and promote socio-cultural values, development and exchange.

Three foreign dance troupes are taking part this year, one from Namibia and two from South Africa, as the festival seeks to transform into a regional (SADC) showcase ahead of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa.The Mutare auditions featured both celebrated and those from the local community.Provincial auditions run from May to August and bring together 33 dance groups to battle in the five-category encounter scheduled for November 22 at the HICC in Harare.

The winning contestants will dance away with a multi-billion dollar cash prize, clothing from Faithwear and RuffCutts (SA), a trophy, a tour to South Africa, a dance scholarship, a promotional video contract courtesy of Kim Studios, beauty therapy from Tyronne’s Cosmetology and more.

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