Why is brutality wrong in South Africa, but condoned in Zimbabwe, asks ACDP in House of Assembly

16 May 2008
By Cheryllyn Dudley, MP (ACDP Whip)
"The following is not just news headlines, it is the reported reaction of four international ambassadors - and retired South African army generals, investigating post election violence in Zimbabwe... "Shocking levels of state sponsored terror..."  "Extreme brutality..." - "Murder..." - "...a horrifying picture" - "...absolutely urgent the world sees

24 people have been murdered and a thousand hospitalised in what Doctors for Human Rights say is unprecedented brutality and callousness.  Reporters have said President Mbeki was “shaken” by these reports…is he shaken enough to say what needs to be said?

In response to a previous ACDP statement in this House, the Hon Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms van der Merwe, assured us that government “would be vigilant”. So when will enough people have been beaten, tortured and murdered before vigilance leads to official condemnation?

SADC says Zimbabwe’s political environment is not secure or fair for a run-off vote for the Presidency. The ACDP agrees, however, every extra night thousands more Zimbabweans are violated. The run-off vote must be held without delay… and South Africa and SADC can – and must induce this!

As more and more people seek asylum in South Africa every day enormous pressure is being placed on over crowded and under resourced communities.  Last night on TV, we saw foreigners fleeing to police stations because of xenophobic violence in Alexandra – and now in Diepsloot…yes President Mbeki denounced the “brutality” but…why is brutality wrong in South Africa, but condoned in Zimbabwe? ”


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