Zim on Sunday

Issue No.11

4th May 2008 


The Commissioner of Police, Augustine Chihuri, has taken to writing threatening letters to the government-in-waiting - the MDC.

What is so strange about this is that he sends the letters to the state-controlled newspapers – rather than to the people concerned.
His latest epistle, addressed to MDC secretary general, Tendai Biti, was published in The Herald on Wednesday but has still not been delivered to Biti’s office in Harare.
In the letter, Chihuri threatens Biti with unspecified action for allegedly inciting violence.
What is very conspicuous in the Zimbabwean arena today is your prominent role and urging and abetting political violence through unbridled rhetoric of incitement. You know for sure your violation of the country’s laws by declaring presidential results which was, indeed, in contravention of Section 110 of the Electoral Act, chapter 2, verse 13, and is still to be attended to by the police. Maybe this you may cite as having been a deliberate delay in bringing the culprit to book but, as all know, the swift arm of the law always catch (sic) up with the evil doer, says Chihuri in the letter.
If it wasn’t for the fact that people like Chihuri have proven over and over again that they are capable of inflicting diabolical acts of violence and brutality on the innocent citizens of Zimbabwe, we would have found this hilarious. But this is no laughing matter.
Chihuri’s statement and its method of delivery is, no doubt, the precursor of yet more violence and evil-doing against the MDC and its innocent supporters.
While Chihuri has been busy writing letters, Zimbabweans are being butchered around the country by Zanu (PF) thugs. Where is the swift arm of the law? What are the police doing, while all this is going on?
People’s homes have been burnt. Hundreds are nursing broken bones and burnt bodies, not to mention the rapes and other unspeakable deeds perpetrated by marauding Zanu (PF) agents around the country.
Surely this is more deserving of police attention than Biti’s alleged rhetoric of incitement.
By what insane leap of logic would Chihuri have us believe that these dastardly acts have been occasioned by Biti’s declaration that the MDC had won the elections?
Our own Comical Ali, Bright Matonga, the not-so-bright junior spokesman for the military junta, himself announced the results of the presidential election to the South African media on Wednesday, admitting that Mugabe had lost but that there would be a run-off as Morgan Tsvangirai had failed to garner the necessary 50% plus one.
Is he also guilty of contravening Section 110 of the Electoral Act, Chapter 2, verse 13 or does the law only apply to the MDC?

Word for Today

Praise be to the Name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are His. He changes times and Seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him. I thank and praise you, O God.
Daniel 2:20-23

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