Do not recognize Mugabe presidency says ACDP.

The ACDP has appealed to the African Union and the international community not to recognize Mugabe's presidency. ACDP MP & Whip, Cheryllyn Dudley:

“The ACDP is shocked and angry that a UN Security Council statement has been watered down after South Africa’s objections. The whole world recognises that the results of the Zimbabwe run-off and indeed the election preceding it, was neither free nor fair. The elections should have been soundly rejected, but the United Nations failed to call them illegitimate because of our South African objections. We are ashamed.

We are disturbed at reports of Robert Mugabe having said he is going to the African Union summit “to see whose finger there is clean.” We appeal to African leaders not to buckle to Robert Mugabe’s intimidation.

Before them is the opportunity to show Robert Mugabe that his terrorism against his own people is unacceptable in the new Africa by refusing to recognize his presidency. The ACDP sees this moment as one that could tip the scales in Zimbabwe in favour of democracy and be a moment to redeem ourselves in the light of the world and the people of the continent.

The ACDP is concerned about President Thabo Mbeki’s take over of chairmanship of SADC in August. His bias and discrimination against the people of Zimbabwe in order to cover and condone Mugabe’s brutal terror tactics has been despicable. We urge African leaders to stand up as statesmen and reject Mugabe’s illegitimate status as Zimbabwe’s president.”



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