Food aid freeze reveals nature of the Zanu beast, says MDC

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has condemned the move by Zanu (PF) to stop aid organisations from giving out food to the starving in Zimbabwe.

While more than four million people are now thought to depend on food handouts in the country, the regime has stopped NGOs from feeding people.

This heartless decision further confirms that the regime does not have the interest of the Zimbabwean people at heart, said a statement from the MDC. The beast has revealed its true nature and character.

It is common knowledge that the regime has no capacity to feed the people. The chaotic land reform programme has only bred hunger and starvation and the national granaries are virtually empty – meaning there is need for other players to help feed the people.

The MDC has called on Zanu (PF) to stop using food as a political weapon.

It is ironic that Mugabe’s regime would ban NGOs from giving out food at a time when he is in Italy attending a food summit where he claimed Zimbabweans were hungry because of sanctions, continued the statement.

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