Kenyan prime minister calls Zimbabwe’s elections a “complete sham”

  2008-06-17 16:56:34 -
WASHINGTON (AP) - Kenya's prime minister Raila Odinga is calling Zimbabwe's runoff presidential election a «complete sham.

He says that it makes no sense for Zimbabwe to hold a runoff, because citizens cannot have confidence that the election’s first round was fair.

President Robert Mugabe came in second to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the first round in March. But the opposition has alleged fraud. They have said Tsvangirai won outright.

Kenya faced turmoil and violence following its own contested election on Dec. 27.

But Odinga says Kenya has taken steps toward democracy following a power sharing agreement.

In a speech in Washington Tuesday, Odinga blasted Mugabe. He called Zimbabwe a «an eyesore, an embarrassment to the African continent.



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