MDC meets UN envoy


Wednesday 18 June 2008
President Morgan Tsvangirai and other leaders of the MDC met with the United Nations envoy, Mr. Haile Menkerios, in Harare today, Wednesday 18 June 2008. In this meeting, the MDC and Mr. Menkarios discussed the electoral environment in general and, in particular, the banning of MDC rallies, the refusal by the Mugabe regime to grant MDC access to all state media, the continuous arrest and harassment of MDC leadership. The MD


The security of MDC polling agents was also discussed, in light of the fact that the regime has warned activists that if they agree to be polling agents, they will be killed. The MDC also expressed grave concern about Mugabe’s threats to go to war, his dissemination of hate speech along tribal and racial lines and his overt attempt to polarise Zimbabwean society.Discussions addressed the need for a Government of National Healing to be formed

by the MDC. The MDC reiterated its position that, at the appropriate time it intends to form a Government of National Healing, whose strategic objective would be to heal the country and restore the dignity of all the people of Zimbabwe. 

The MDC appealed to Mr. Menkerios to send a clear message to the Mugabe regime to immediately stop the arrest, harassment and violence against innocent Zimbabweans.

In the afternoon, President Tsvangirai met with President Thabo Mbeki in the latter’s role as a visiting head of state.

For more information please call MDC on (South Africa) Nqobizitha Mlilo 0835274650 or George Sibotshiwe 0766330314 or (Zimbabwe) Nelson Chamisa

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