Mobile network operators increase tariffs

The country's three mobile network operators have increased tariffs by more than 1 500%.

NetOne subscribers now have to part with $58 million a minute for a call to another NetOne subscriber during peak periods.

Calls to subscribers on the Econet network will now cost $60 million, those to TelOne subscribers $63 million and $72 million to a Telecel subscriber.

Regional calls to landlines in Group 1 countries are now pegged at $155 million and $160 million for mobile receivers.

Calling a cell phone in Group 2 and 3 countries will cost as much as $1,5 billion a minute.

A local sms to NetOne subscribers is now pegged at $25 million while cross network sms is $47 million. An international sms is now $78 million.

Telecel also reviewed its tariffs.

Calls to subscribers within the network are now $50 million a minute while those to subscribers on the other two networks are $62,8 million per minute. Regional calls range between $98 million and $125 million per minute.

A local message to another Telecel line costs $25 million and $30 million to other networks while $35 million is charged for an international message.


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