Mugabe is worse than a drug dealer

I never imagined that one day I would meet a soldier and fail to run away'

I grew up in rural Buhera district and in the late 70’s when the war of independence was at its peak, I never imagined that one day I would meet a soldier and fail to run away. It was a war of independence if you happened to be a supporter, a sympathiser or a forced supporter of the freedom fighters whereas the then Smith Government was saying that it was a civil war organised mainly by Robert Mugabe, “the terrorist”.

That war was brutal. Lives were lost mainly because the then freedom fighters were more interested in pruning people perceived to be loyal to the Smith government.

Apart from killing of civilians, which usually happened during “pungwes or forced night orientation meetings with villagers, the village girls became loose fodder for the comrades. All girls named chimbwidos were supposed to go to the bases and be picked for the comrades’ sexual satisfaction. So if your village was popularly visited by different groups every week and if your daughter was good looking, then she has to be prepared to sleep with as many of these comrades up to end of the war.

The boys, or mujubhas (or mujibhas?) would just salivate in admiration. They were not allowed to protest. If you happened to have a girlfriend in the local area then you had to be prepared to share her with those many freedom fighters.

That was the painful war experienced in many rural areas.

It was one of the most inhuman experiences that no one would want to remember again and the culprit? … Zanu (PF).

It is not surprising that I hear that Zanu (PF) is at it again because they enjoyed that part of their lives…. free food, free clothes, free sex, and what-have-you.  I phoned home (Buhera) from here in South Africa last week. What I heard was horrible. At least during the 1970’s the people, who were staying in bases, had received some military training, which involved a bit of ethics of war.

Thus they were not as brutal as the unemployed youths, dressed in military uniform and sent to stay in the same bases and doing worse than during the war…. the murder, rape, torture etc. and the culprit? …. Zanu (PF).

One can safely say now that before the June 27 elections, Zimbabwe is now in a fully-fledged civil war. Mugabe is fighting the unarmed civilians in a war that he has easily won because he has guns and the others have not.

I grew up having a lot of respect for Robert Mugabe, but today I equate him to none other than the devil. He and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa are the worst species that Southern Africa has ever bred. It’s pathetic.

That Mugabe will win the elections is now close to obvious partly because, just like in 1980, he will make a no-go area to the rural areas while discouraging the urban people from voting by claiming that even if Tsvangirai wins he will not take charge. That will discourage a lot of people from voting and that’s what Mugabe wants.

He is worse than a drug dealer. At 84, instead of dying, he is killing.

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