Police confiscate ID’s

In a move aimed at denying Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters the chance to vote on June 27, Zanu (PF) militia youths and police officers are reportedly being ordered to confiscate identification cards of the suspected MDC supporters until after the elections.

This, according to a high-ranking source in the police, an order sent to those police officers known to be loyal to ZANU (PF).In Bindura South a police officer identified as Gonyora is allegedly ransacking homes of the MDC supporters and confiscating the I.D cards.He came with a group of other policemen and they demanded to search my home, narrated Tatenda Makuwera, a 33-year-old woman whose home was raided.They were shouting obscenities at me, accusing me of being a sell-out.They then demanded to see my ID but instead of giving it back to me, they took it.

I was shocked because I never thought the police officers could be so unprofessional, said Makuwera.The move has come amid reports that there is a massive infiltration of the Zimbabwe republic Police by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) members and some ZANU (PF) youth militias in order to weed out police officers not loyal to the regime.Last week members of the dreaded PISI allegedly arrested some police officers in Actrurus and Shamva as they were said to be supporting the MDC’s campaigns in their areas.

 Last week the police commissioner Augustine Chihuri who is also among the heads of the military junta campaigning for Robert Mugabe, was at Musiwa Growth Point in Bindura South where he threatened to shoot down all the villagers if they repeated the mistake’ of voting for the MDC.The MDC’s Bednock Nyaude won Bindura South constituency and the MDC got nine out of 13 wards in the constituency that was once a ZANU (PF) stronghold.

Chihuri then publicly ordered the policemen in the constituency to arrest anyone seen wearing an MDC T- shirt or campaigning for the party.This has seen the arrest of over 40 people in Ward 16, among them councillor Nehemiah Mhembere over the past week.

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