Well done, Amai Mujuru!

I must applaud Amai Mujuru for standing up in the recent Zanu (PF) politburo meeting openly denouncing the Government's sponsored violence that erupted soon after announcement of the March 29 election results

. Her party Zanu (PF) fared badly against the opposition MDC party. She surely demonstrated her Christian faith. I must admit that was a sign of bravery portrayed by a woman genuinely determined to serve her God first before political ambition and stand for the honest truth.

I remember another time, soon after the 2004 election, when a leading Zanu (PF) member, who is presently heading the country’s Joint Operation Command (JOC), declared that he was now a born again Christian. That would differ with suggestions that recent violence, which left fifty people dead, many more injured and displaced were organised by the JOC, which the brother heads.

At times we become so obsessed with earthly power to the extent of placing our faith at stake with things that shall come to pass. We can fool the world and those around us but we can never fool God. Yes, you were right Amai Mujuru, so right to challenge all those men in the politburo rising up for all the mothers to promote peace, love, unity and most of all equal rights and justice!

You reflected what you are made of by raising your concerns against all the big wigs of the party, especially the two top men in the hierarchy, who could not even answer back!

Remember Margaret Dongo once accused all the male parliamentarians to be Mugabe’s wives or was it concubines? Many politicians develop cold feet before criticising top leadership, when it strays off the revolutionary path.

Those, who commit murder and all sorts of atrocities in the name of political parties and their leaders, whether they be Mugabe or Tsvangirai, shall reap what they sow. They shall carry the blood of their victims for the rest of their lives including their childrens’, who shall pay for their father’s sins for generations to come. Do these comrades, as they are popularly addressed, care for their children and great grandchildren?

Zimbabwe has been made a laughing stock the world all over, a disgrace to those in diaspora. Many in leadership have lost their faith mainly because of desperation to stay in power at all costs. Some even consult spirit mediums.

Was it not a joke to see members of Mugabe’s cabinet bare-footed, appeasing unknown spirits for miraculous diesel which never was, flowing from some hills in Chinhoyi, as advised by the now infamous  n’anga, who was then rewarded with valueless cash and a stolen farm.

My good old uncle Gina with whom I always argued with about the injustice of his beloved party Zanu (PF) would quickly remind me by saying: Iwe Chirandu Sithole, muZanu PF  unototamba wakachenjera,  kana kuti unotambwa  wakachenjera!

On the other hand my maverick brother Patrick Kandamaruva Kombayi introduced this famous saying when he defected from Zanu (PF) to join Edgar Tekere’s ZUM: Politics has no formula, your worst enemy in politics today can be your best political partner tomorrow!

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