A vampire state

HARARE - Mugabe and his crew have been shouting from the mountaintops that there will never be talks between MDC and Zanu (PF).

They claimed Mugabe has been mandated by the people of Zimbabwe on June 27 to run the affairs of their country for the next five years. The same Mugabe and his crew waited for Tsvangirai for over 30 minutes for a meeting arranged by Mbeki, the South African president, in a bid to have something to report to the G8 member states

Mugabe knows he is not the president of Zimbabwe. By engaging Tsvangirai he is hoping that the whole process will serve to authenticate his disputed leadership. Mugabe thought that Tsvangirai could not read between the lines. The people of Zimbabwe know his regime is a vampire state, butchering and torturing the innocent and defenseless people. Only Mbeki wants everyone to believe that Mugabe is still the president of Zimbabwe.

The SADC and AU need to take this seriously, they should have acted on Mugabe and his vampire crew decisively. They are part-time old boys who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil and have proved to be of no use in solving the crisis in Zimbabwe.

The problem is that of a failed state, where those who have ruined the hope of the masses are rejecting the will of the people by refusing to leave office. The people of Zimbabwe still believe in electing a new government. Any talks between the MDC and Zanu (PF) should be anchored on that belief. MDC and Zanu (PF) should not waste time discussing a GNU because the people are waiting for a new election to choose our next president in a peaceful manner.

The people of Zimbabwe really appreciate the stance taken by our African brothers: Botswana, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya. This also goes to the EU members’ states, the USA and the G8 in trying to find a lasting solution to our problem.  

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