Archbishop Pius Ncube announces plan to return to Zimbabwe

LONDON - 7 July 2008

Jo Siedlecka

Zimbabwean Archbishop Pius Ncube, who has been in England since last June,said that he is planning to return to Zimbabwe soon.

Speaking to parishioners yesterday, after celebrating Mass, he said that he has been in England in order to “pray, study and rest” but that: “a shepherd must be with his flock, even if it means death”. The congregation, which included a number of Zimbabwean refugees, burst into spontaneous applause at
this news.

Archbishop Pius told churchgoers who greeted him after Mass that since he has been here, he only eats one meal a day since “in Zimbabwe many eat only once every three days.”

During his homily the Archbishop focused on the theme of humility and the need for prayer. He said: “In our first reading today, more than 500 years before Jesus was born, Zechariah foresaw that there would be a Messiah.Jesus is that King who is going to bring peace to the world But he is a humble king, riding on a donkey. Usually kings used to ride on horses. Jesus says that it is the humble people who are builders of peace.”

“The second reading was on this topic, he explained. “As Christians we are not materialistic always chasing after riches, after position, after pleasure Since the Spirit of God had named his own people, the Lord has made his home in us. We do not belong to ourselves. We live for the Lord. That’s why it is very important for each one of us to spend each day ten minutes,30 minutes everyday or even more, talking with the Lord. We are called to dedicate ourselves every day to prayer. Because only then can the Holy
Spirit activate our hearts.”

“Jesus humbled himself. He was born into poverty. The first people who heard about him were the shepherds. He chose to be born to Mary because of her humility”

He said: “God comes close to the vulnerable. People who cry – they live much longer then those who don’t cry. Women cry a lot. That’s why they live longer than men. I’m not much of a crier. I wish I was. We must ask God for the gift of tears.”

Ncube said: “”The High Priests, those people who crucified Jesus, were not ready to listen…. It is the proud who are destroying this world. It is proud people who have killed millions. Hitler was a terrific orator. When Hitler spoke he shook up people. But what did he bring? War. 40 million people perished in the Second World War, because this man was so full of himself and so full of pride. Stalin was a proud man. Mao Tse Tung a murderer responsible for the death of 70 million people… During the war in China. He used to say in order to spread communism we must kill more we haven’t killed enough.”

“Pol Pot. Mugabe. Our president who got into power by hook and by crook, and this time we hear during the election he changed the results, and went around beating up people, shooting some of them. And he has forbidden the Non Government Organisations to give food to those people who supported the
opposition. That’s pride.”

“The best mothers are those who are humble. The best fathers are those who are humble. Princess Diana was not proud. When she was in Africa she went around shaking the hands of everyone. When she came to Harare and was walking down the street she started playing draughts and games with street boys. That’s why a million people came to her funeral. They respected the ordinariness of this woman. Her humility is something I remember.”

“Gandhi in India – a very humble man. He chose to walk on foot rather than use transport. He would pray every day. He would fast sometimes. He would go on hunger strike. As Christians we can’t risk our lives in that way but he did, to stop his people from fighting. India is the biggest democracy in the world today. 50 million people there can choose their rulers. In China they can’t choose their own government because of Mao Tse Tung imposed communism.Because he was proud.”

Mandela found a very difficult situation between whites and blacks in South Africa. After years of imprisonment he became president. But he humbled himself. His wife brought him to court and he stood in court in the witness box.

“He never forgot his background. One day he diverted the helicopter he was flying in so he could visit a little boy in a village on his eighth birthday.”

“The Lord Jesus knelt down and washed the feet of his disciples. That was the job of a slave or a servant. But the Lord Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and he ordered that they should also wash each others feet.”

If we are humble we will bring a lot of blessings to our people…. If we are proud we will destroy.”

Archbishop Ncube concluded: “Let us all walk in the way of humility. Only that way can we bring peace and happiness to our world…. So often I hear about Africa – in so many places, in Darfur, Rwanda I was sick for three days after reading what was going on there. In Zimbabwe too. There are so many problems in the world. We must pray. We must be humble.”

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