CIO bash hotel owner

HARARE - The CIO abducted Steven Saunders, son of Golden Mile Motel owner, Jimmy, on June 26. He was accused of denigrating Robert Mugabe, the head of the military junta now ruling Zimbabwe.

According to workers at the Motel, Saunders fired a Zanu (PF) supporter who had missed work for five consecutive days without bothering to report to his employer. The employee was reported to have been deployed in Zhombe were he was conducting terror campaigns on behalf of Mugabe.

The worker then told CIO operatives that Saunders was insulting Mugabe and instructing all motel workers not to vote in the run-off.

CIO operatives abducted Saunders, beat him up and dumped him next to Kwekwe Central Police Station wearing Zanu (PF) regalia. He left the country that day for South Africa. The Saunders family refused to comment on the matter although they confirmed that their son had left Zimbabwe.  

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