Human Rights Violations on CHRA Members (April-June 2008)

Date of Incident    Incident       Time               Place                 Perpetrators        Contact details
05/04/2008         • CHRA intern Tendai Muchada abducted and beaten up soldiers, while on duty in Mufakose 1600hrs Mufakose Soldiers 04 705114

10/042008          • CHRA information officer Justice Mavedzenge received threats over the phone, from a private number 0900hrs CHRA office ZANU PF youth, who has since been exposed 011 563 141
18/04/08            • Four CHRA members picked up by a gang of men  donned in army uniform on allegations of supporting MDC and inciting violence
• CHRA members arrested on allegations of celebrating Morgan Tsvangirai’s victory before release of presidential results 2000hrs 1200hrs Kuwadzana ward 44 ZANU PF militia in army uniform ZRP Police officers  04 705114
25/04/08           • Four CHRA members’ homes broken into 12hrs Kuwadzana ZANU PF youths 04 705 114
25/04/08           • CHRA Acting Senior Programs Officer, Mfundo Mlilo chased away by ZANU PF youth, as they threatened to beat him up 1300hrs Mbare ZANU PF youths (members of the notorious Chipangano) 0912 638 401
25/04/08           • 6 CHRA members beaten up 1800hrs Glen View Suspected soldiers 04 705114
25/04/08           • CHRA intern Kudzai Mupazviriyo beaten up by ZANU PF youths 1600hrs Glen view ZANU PF youths 0912 941 165
30/04/08          • ZANU PF youth assault CHRA Legal intern, while on duty 1400hrs Budiriro ZANU PF youths 04 705 114
21/05/08          â€¢ CHRA Chairperson for Ward 31 Mrs. Eunice Wati threatened with  arrest and detention  1400hrs  Glen View   C.I.O  023802610 (Ward 1 coordinator)
23/05/08        • Gun pointed at CHRA Ward 31 Chairperson Mrs. Eunice Wati 1200hrs  Glen View  C.I.O  
023802610 (Ward 1 coordinator)
02/06/08        • CHRA Secretary Mrs. Manyande for Ward 12 threatened with death and arson  1900hrs  Mbare  Zanu PF militias (Chipangano)  0912748795 (Coordinator)
13/06/08        • CHRA Secretary Mrs. Manyande for Ward 12 visited at her home  2100hrs  Mbare  Zanu PF militias (Chipangano) 0912748795 (Coordinator)
13/06/08        â€¢ CHRA Coordinator for ward 39 Mr. Marungise abducted 1600hrs  Dzivarasekwa  Armed men in white truck with no number plates (possible death squad)  
16/06/08        • Two children belonging to CHRA ward Coordinator for Ward 10 Mrs. Masaraure abducted and later released  1030hrs   Sunningdale  Group of Zanu Pf Militias  
023754792 (Masaraure)
17/06/08        â€¢ CHRA ward coordinator for ward 10 Mrs. Masaraure abducted, beaten heavily and later released.  1600hrs  Sunningdale  Group of Zanu Pf militias 023754792 (Masaraure)
18/06/08       â€¢ CHRA ward coordinator for Ward 12 visited at home and beaten  0930hrs Mbare Zanu Pf militias (Chipangano)  0912748563
 ( Coordinator)
18 / 06 / 08    • CHRA ward coordinator for ward 45 briefly detained.  1300hrs Tynwald  Group of Zanu Pf militias  0912418563 (Chairperson)
19/ 06 / 08    • CHRA ward Chairperson for Ward 45 threatened with beating and torture for holding CHRA meetings   Tynwald  Group of Zanu Pf militias  0912418563 (Chairperson)
20/06/08    • CHRA Ward treasurer for Ward 10 Getrude Ukomba visited at her home and threatened with beating. Lodger beaten with clenched fists, windows destroyed, and Digital camera and remote control for DSTV confiscated 1100hrs Sunningdale  Group of Zanu Pf militias  0912259892
04589259 (G. Ukomba)
27/06/2008  • CHRA Senior Programs Officer, Mfundo Mlilo chased away by anti-riot police at the South African Embassy, while trying to visit victims of political violence camped at the embassy. 1900hrs South African Embassy Anti-riot police officers 0912 638 401

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