Mugabe: teacher, revolutionary, tyrant


Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a former teacher and guerrilla leader, swept to power in Zimbabwe on a tide of euphoria in 1980 with the promise of peace, prosperity

and racial harmony. Twenty eight years later under his regime, an estimated 3-6 million people have been murdered or have died from starvation, neglect, or

the effects of untreated AIDS. In this book the author analyses the man responsible for these atrocities.

Focusing on the psychology of Zimbabwe’s dictator, the author identifies Mugabe as falling into the category of APD (Anti-social Personality Disorder). Following the recent 2008 election travesty, Mugabe’s role within Zimbabwe is fiercely scrutinized. This book examines his life, both politically and personally, giving the reader a unique insight into his character. It contains pictures that have been secretly smuggled out of the country

for the author to include in this volume.

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