Terror rages on, no talks in sight

HARARE - Despite the much-talked about talks between the MDC and ZANU (PF), state-sponsored terror is raging on, militia bases have not been dismantled and police continue to defy court rulings.

MDC activists being held in Lupane and Jotsholo went to court today. There were two separate cases The 14 from Lupane who were being accused of inciting violence and then MP Pearson Mbalekelwa and two others who were been charged with inciting and sponsoring violence. Six of the 14 were released after the court dismissed the case.

On the second case the court proceedings went ahead and the Magistrate dismissed the case against all 14 activists from Lupane and ordered that they should be released. As they were being realized a Police officer named Hoko flouted his professionalism and halted the whole procedure and instructed for them to be locked up again as per instruction from Assistant Commissioner Veterai, and said they were all to be moved to Hwange.

All MDC vehicles in Matebeland North have been impounded by the police.  Last week South Africa ‘s deputy Minister of foreign affairs had said ZANU (PF) must stop violence and said if violence does not stop they will be forced to ‘act’.

“It is up to Zimbabwe to take immediate steps to stop the violence. If they do not stop it, we will take action, whatever action is possible to stop it,” Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Aziz Pahad said on Friday.

Pahad also added his voice on the arbitrary arrest of MDC activists and their continuous harassment and warned that it will disrupt talks.

‘So, we believe that logically, an important element of getting the Zimbabweans to sit down and seriously talk is to create the necessary conducive environment in which this can happen and that includes all these aspects – the violence, the humanitarian situation and the issue of arrests.

I am also sure that if you want these discussions to succeed then you would have to create the conducive climate.’ – Zim Metro

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