Zanu (PF) – barbarians, idiots and tyrants

The recent events in Zimbabwe, marked by murders, torture and displacement of MDC activists, confirms what most Zimbabweans knew secretly in their hearts.

Those who know Zanu (PF) from its days during the war of liberation are not surprised. People were murdered on frivolous grounds and branded sell-outs without any credible evidence.

This has been Zanu (PF)’s tactic for a long time – they survive on instilling fear and fabricating imaginary enemies and sell-outs. However one would expect that because they are a government they would behave in a civil manner. But no, not as long as this movement is led by barbarians and idiots like Mugabe. Everyone else is wrong except himself.

It is unfortunate to see young and naïve people like Bright Matonga tarnishing their names for the sake an old dictator who has murdered thousands of Zimbabweans including his own party members. It’s a shame that people like Sikhanyiso Njovu forget that a few years ago their fellow tribesmen were almost wiped by this madman. He forgets that people like Dumiso Davengwa languished in prison for years without charge where Lookout Masuku was murdered by Mugabe. Why do we have such short memories?

Joshua Nkomo was subjected to the most horrendous treatment one can imagine and was degraded to the extent of escaping the country dressed like a woman. And barbarian Mugabe claims that he is fighting to enhance the legacy of Dr Joshua Nkomo; people are easily fooled. We expect people like Njovu to know better.

It is common knowledge that Mugabe is a selfish and self-serving idiot. His party’s history is littered with people who lost lives in strange accidents and circumstances from Hebert Chitepo, Josiah Tongogara, Maurice Nyagumbo, Tarisai Ziyambi, Rashiwe Guzha, Mleya, Rukarwa, Zororo Duri, Chris Ushehokunze, Moven Mahachi, Sydney Malunga, Hebert Malaba, Moven Mahachi – the list is long.

Zimbabweans know full well who killed these people, never take people for granted. Mugabe you are a killer, pure and simple. You do not deserve the office you have held for almost 30 years, because you are a criminal. We look forward to a day when you will be in the dock with your fellow idiots, the likes of Augustine Chihuri, Chiwenga, Perence Shiri, Chinamasa, Comical Ali Matonga etc. Zimbabwean politics with you people around remains very risky. You are now a threat to our national security and well being.

he recent massacres of MDC activists while horrifying are not surprising given the culture in Zanu (PF). We do not need such a fascist party in Zimbabwe. When Mugbe leaves, moderates in Zanu (PF) will have to disband the party and rebrand it under a new name and new values. Once power is wrestled from Mugabe no-one would want to be associated with Zanu. We have some good folks in Zanu (PF) who know what is good for the country but are afraid to antagonise Satan(Mugabe). The innocent peasants do so out of coercion and lack of information, denied their right to support a party of their choice.

The international community should never forgive Mugabe, now they have an opportunity to take stern measures against him for atrocities he committed during his years in power. The Iraqi precedent that saw Saddam tried by his own people in a new dispensation would be a suitable punishment for Mugabe. To Mugabe I say to you our children deserve a better future just as ‘your’ Chatunga, Robert and Bona Pamire! Zimbabwe does not belong to you as you claim. Your day of reckoning could be drawing close. You have to watch your back! Haunyari here kuponda vanhu vakakuisa pachigaro iwe ukaondonga nyika, uchafa uchidyiwa namakava, gudo remunhu. Unotambudza nokuponda chembere, nevanhu vakura nevana vadiki pamusoro penzara yawakavapa.  Uri munhu akaita sei?  


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