MAKONI SOUTH fine demands

Chief Chiduku of Makoni District is demanding $50 fine from all MDC supporters in Ward 28, Makoni South for what he called over-excitement after the 29 March harmonized elections.  MDC won resoundingly in that Ward during the March elections.

Chief Chiduku who is a prominent Zanu PF stalwart and formerly appointed by the Senate of the ageing Robert Mugabe in 2005, on Monday 4/8/08 dispatched his aide, a Mr. Mhuru to the following villages, Mutinhira, Tseriwa, Chinyan’anya, Muzawazi and Magore to meet the village heads to demand $50 from all the MDC supporters in their domains as a punishment for over-excitement after the March harmonized elections.  The money is to be paid to Chief Chiduku before the 15/8/08.  Anyone who do not pay that money would be evicted from all villages under Chief Chiduku.  Antony Chiguware is the MDC Councilor for Ward 28.  He defeated Zanu PF in the area by a wide margin in March 2008.  Chief Chiduku was the brains behind the establishment of the camps in Makoni South and Makoni West.
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