Mashonaland West Situation Report 06 -08-08

Hurungwe North
Persecution of MDC supporters still continues but on a smaller scale.

In Kazangarare area, near the town of Karoi Malberiegn Kauchivenga, a 53 year old MDC supporter was seriously assaulted by Jawet Kazangarare on 25 June 2008. The victim had approached Kazangarare at his homestead claiming money for a goat allegedly forcefully taken from him by the perpetrator as a form of punishment and sign to show that he had repented from being an MDC supporter. Kazangarare was detained briefly by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Karoi but was later released for reasons still unclear. Rueben Marumahoko, Senator for Hurungwe, and Peter Chanetsa, previous governor of Mashonaland West and now MP for Hurungwe North were seen entering Karoi police station shortly after Kazangarare’s arrest and ordering his release. The police complied despite the many crimes he has committed.

The notorious Jawet Kazangarare, a war veteran is known in Mashonaland West for spearheading the murder of Tapiwa Mubwanda, a MDC activist murdered in cold blood on the 12th of April 2008, and for organizing and leading the violent persecution of MDC supporters and accused sympathizers. Returning residents, who had been displaced when the violence peaked, are being forced to pay cattle, goats and chickens by Jawet Kazangarare for them to be readmitted into the community. Those who are failing to do so are being subjected to further violence and intimidation and the threat of being permanently chased away from their homes and livelihoods. Confiscated animals and grain are the major source of food for the unemployed Zanu PF youth and war veterans.


 In Musambakaruma area reports of continued violence are being received. Cosmetically, torture bases in the area have hurriedly been dismantled in recent weeks but the perpetrators have now resorted to a new strategy. It is reported that they gather up in large numbers after a short, prior arrangement and descend on unsuspecting victims, unleashing an orgy of violent beatings and arson.

The remaining provinces have reported that violence has died down but that distribution of food aid and maize meal from the Grain Marketing Board (the only source of the staple food) is still being controlled by ZANU PF councilors and chiefs who are denying any known MDC supporters access to the scarce commodities

The violence experienced in the province of Mashonaland West has displaced close to 100 MDC supporters with many being left homeless as their houses and property burnt or destroyed. Three known deaths of MDC activists have been reported and many more injured.

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