Mugabe a ‘political criminal’

Moz politican calls Mugabe a "political criminal"


Mozambique's main opposition leader on Friday slammed the power sharing
talks between Zimbabwe's main political parties and called Robert Mugabe a
"political criminal".

Alfonso Dhlakama, head of the Renamo party, was quoted as saying “Mugabe
used to be my hero, but I now consider him as a political criminal to the
Zimbabweans who were denied the result of their choice in the recent

Mozambique is traditionally an ally of Mugabe, but the farcical run-off
election that saw the dictator snatch back power in June has seen many
former allies turn their back on Mugabe and his regime.

Dhlakama said the power sharing negotiations “were done in bad faith” and
echoed the wide spread sentiment that the talks are “a bad example to
African and the whole world”. He said it “encourages African leaders who
lose elections to resort to robbing elections and rely on the solutions of
their friends to continue to cling to power”.

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