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Talks reach dead end as ZPF politburo vows no power for Tsvangirai

22 August 2008
The ZANU PF politburo has reportedly resolved that Robert Mugabe should not concede to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai's demands to become executive prime minister, even if the dialogue between the two party leaders collapses - a move that has seen the talks reach a dead end.


Mugabe apparently reported back to the Soviet-style politburo about the failure of the weekend SADC summit in South Africa to break the impasse between him and Tsvangirai in the power sharing negotiations. The politburo resolved not to grant any concessions demanded by Tsvangirai, resulting in the present political stalemate.


At the same time Mugabe has allegedly been told by war veterans and military chiefs to pull out of the dialogue with the opposition. Zimbabwe’s military chiefs are of the view that Mugabe had already ceded too much power to Tsvangirai in the deal now on the SADC appointed mediator, Thabo Mbeki’s table.


In the current deal, which Tsvangirai refused to sign, he would be in charge of all economic, social and humanitarian affairs ministries while Mugabe would be responsible for all security ministries. Tsvangirai described as non-negotiable his position that he should become executive head of government in charge of appointing the cabinet, chairing the cabinet and formulating and implementing government policies, among other things.


Mugabe’s army commanders and war veterans are now urging the dictator to dissolve parliament, soon after it resumes sitting next week, and order fresh elections in which Mugabe would win through a campaign of violence. South African based journalist Basildon Peta told Newsreel on Friday it is unlikely that Mugabe will resort to that drastic step, but he added it was far more likely that he will launch a campaign of targeted assassinations against Tsvangirai’s MDC MPs – at least seven of whom are still in hiding.

Peta said this will force a session of by-elections, which Mugabe will win by violence.


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