Reality on the ground

Reality on the ground

"For changes to be of any true value, they've got to be lasting and consistent."

Change needs to be fundamental. And for ordinary Zimbabweans that would equate to the Total Eradication of Fear that is by now so ingrained in all sectors of our Society that we seem paralysed by it still. People are still afraid to even take down mugabe posters for Gods Sake!

Although zanu is making gestures of arresting the odd person for supposedly perpotrating violence – the Real Instigators of the serious violence and murders which occured soon after the March Elections have yet to be made accountable. It is very doubtfull wether this will ever happen because it would mean that key zanu enforcers would have to be arrested and they would then have to forfeit their Council and M.P. seats – these are the people who are responsible. So until these serious offenders are arrested and charged for their crimes the fear that their very precence invokes in the people remains


Although some militia camps are breaking up and dispersing of their own accord no admission of their existence has come from zanu. Nor has the order for them to disbandon. No order has gone out from anywhere to tell the police to arrest people who have been implicated in political violence. The Police seem willng, in some cases, to do the right thing but are hesitant withour clear orders.


The army still has not been removed from the “lines” in the rural areas – sure they are no longer playing such a visible roll, but they are still there – still quietly threatening, still perpetuating fear. The rank and file of the army have still not been stood down from the so-called threat of an iminent invasion from Botswana – this state of “readiness” prevents the average soldier dwelling on his own miserable existence. One can almost feel the joc commanders plotting daily – trying to come up with a plan so that will not have to relinquish their power. From everywhere come the whispers of their persistent, obstinate stance that there is no way they will serve under M.T.  


The little food aid that is out there is still controlled by governement through the “Headman’s Lists” as we speak.

chombo has also appointed 10 zpf councillors to every council throughout the country

The Local media is still run by zpf – still spewing out propaganda by the hour

The Judicial system is still a total farce with the 4 senior prosecuters and the Judges recieving huge kick-backs and manipulating the courts

On the ground, the reality is that nothing has changed and if MDC and the International Community are hoodwinked into thinking there has been progress made they would be making a serious error


zanu is so desperate for a deal that they are making small compromises in line with the MOU to try and decieve everyone that this veneer is enough to get what they want. If the MDC were to be rushed into the signing of anything that is a compromise it would be a grave mistake. zanu are real snakes.


Remember that zanu’s only power base is the government institutions and the weapon of fear that it uses through them. M.T. power base is the people of Zimbabwe. We see zanu consulting with their power base. We even hear that Mbeki is meeting with joc.


Are we taking these talks seriously? We are holding all the cards, let’s not be rushed into anything – it is obvious zanu is pushing for a quick deal – why? they know they have no bargaining power. Are the MDC going to make concessions by being manipulated and the pecieved need for “self-preservation” Is M.T. and his negotiating Team going to ask for ratification of any negotiations and concessions from his power base, the people, before he signs our lives away?  


We certainly hope so – in fact we demand it!



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