SA now re-intergrating Zimbabweans displaced by xenophobic attacks

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng Provincial Government declared that it is committed to reintegrate victims of xenophobic attacks, mainly Zimbabweans back to communities they fled from.


“The Gauteng Provincial Government will continue to facilitate the reintegration of the displaced persons who are entitled to be in the Republic of South Africa into communities,” Gauteng spokesperson Thabo Masebe said.


This follows the cl0osing down of temporary shelters where the victims were housed in Gauteng, the province that was worst affected by the widely condemned attacks in May this year.


“The Gauteng Provincial Government welcomes the ruling of the Constitutional  Court in the matter between victims of xenophobic attacks and the government.  The order of the Constitutional Court is in agreement with the submission made to the Court by government on 19 August 2008,” Masebe added.


The violent attacks left scores dead, hundreds injured and property running to millions of Rands destroyed – CAJ News.

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