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The A to Z of programming this weekend, beginning August 8th on SW Radio Africa.

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Today on Hotseat, Violet brings you a discussion on the talks, from the media’s point of view. Journalists Dumisani Muleya and Basildon Peta give us their reading of the provisions of the draft deal’ being proposed by the political parties. The draft suggests that Mugabe and Tsvangirai will share executive powers – as President and Prime Minister. Peta tells us why Mugabe will not agree to being relegated to a role of ceremonial drama queen.’ Muleya gives us an insight into the sticking points surrounding these secretive talks. Every weekday we also bring an Appeal for Peace from a respected and well-known individual aimed at those who are guilty of perpetrating the ongoing acts of violence, intimidation and torture against the innocent people of Zimbabwe. The appeal also addresses members of the armed forces and reminds them of their mandate to protect and serve the people, a duty that so many of them seem to have forgotten. We desperately need peace in our country in order for democracy to take seed and grow. Today’s message comes from University of Zimbabwe Professor, Dr John Makumbe. On today’s Callback Tinashe is frustrated with living conditions in Zim where he can’t afford university fees, he can’t get a job and he can’t leave; Earnest says that there are no basic food items available, the economy has collapsed and he plans on leaving soon; Sam is concerned about Mugabe and his lieutenants being given amnesty, and Mhlahlandlela believes that if the negotiators agree to amnesty, that would be against the wishes of most Zimbabweans and would be an insult to the memory of the 20 000 Ndebeles who were killed during Gukurahundi.  

Saturday we have HEALTHbeat, which takes a holistic view of issues of health and well-being. This week Simon Muchemwa talks about the serious shortage of Anti-Retroviral drugs, and how many people are sourcing drugs on the black-market, where many of the meds are counterfeit, or have expired. People are self-medicating and causing potential long term problems for themselves, such as liver damage and multi-drug resistant strains of HIV. Then it’s time for Reporter’s Forum. Lance is joined by Bulawayo based journalist Lionel Saungweme and broadcaster Brilliant Pongo. The panel looks at the top stories of the week, including reports that Mugabe and Tsvangirai are set for a series of face to face meetings to resolve the talks. What does the panel also make of a bomb that is said to have exploded at Harare Central Police Station? Saungweme believes the whole incident has shades of the Daily News bomb blast in 2001 which destroyed its printing press. What could be the motive? The programme debates. In place of The Road to Democracy, this week sees the start of the programme The Heart of the Matter, with well-known journalist and broadcaster Tanonoka Whande sharing his unique thoughts and insights on issues as they unfold. Listeners of the Callback programme will remember the monologues that he did under the pseudonym Joseph Machenjera’. On today’s programme Tanonoka focuses on the on-going talks between MDC and ZANU-PF, and the rumours that Mugabe and his cronies may be granted amnesty for crimes against the Zimbabwean people. On Callback  Makosa believes the talks will bring something positive and he has faith in the MDC; Disc says Bindura is relatively calm, but they are struggling to survive and Tano talks about the many unaccompanied children being held in refugee camps in Botswana, and how he saw girls as young as 13, pregnant and suffering from venereal diseases.

 This Sunday on Through the Valley, Richard examines the relationship between Peter and Jesus when they went fishing together and also hears from Bishop Sebastian Bakare about Ezekiel’s passage of the ‘dry bones’ and the hope then and now, that there is in a time of desolation. In the programme Rebuilding Zimbabwe, Tichaona speaks to Glen Mpani, a regional co-coordinator for the centre of study of violence and reconciliation in Cape Town, South Africa. An expert in countries recovering from conflict, Mpani said if there is to be an outcome acceptable to both parties it will mean compromises that may well turn out to be very unpopular with hardliners from the two parties. On Democracy 101, the programme that gives a beginners guide to democracy and the democratic process, Thabani and Willy focus once again on the People’s Charter document, and ask how civil society can ensure that government adheres to the wishes of the people.

 Every weekday we bring you a Newsreel bulletin at both the opening and the closing of our weekday broadcasts with all the latest news concerning Zimbabwe, and on Saturday we have a News Roundup of the week’s events.

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