Terrified rape victims speak out at last

More cases of abuse emerge



Cases of shocking abuse carried out by youths and self-styled Zanu (PF) war veterans during the election campaign are beginning to surface.

Victims, too terrified to tell their stories after receiving death threats from the marauding militia, are now raising their voices. The numbers of rape cases, for example, attributed to one notorious Zanu supporter, are increasing.

Sources say that, as well as the already known rape of a 13-year-old girl, the man assaulted and raped Oripa Ndyara and a member of his own family.

Violet and Maina Mwayira also reported gang rape by a Zanu (PF) member and six accomplices, who threatened to destroy the victims’ home and murder family members if they reported the case to the police. They told the women that the rape was meant to show that they had forgiven them for being MDC supporters.

“Some of the men held us down and tied our mouths to muffle our screams while the others began unbuckling their trouser belts and undoing their trouser buttons and zips,” said Violet Mwayira. “They then took turns to rape us, all six of them and disappeared into the night shortly afterwards. An issue that bothered me after the ordeal was that all six men were wearing condoms, showing that the rape had been planned prior.”

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