Zimbabwe has great economic potential

Zimbabwe has great economic potential and can regain its lost glory and become a giant economic hub in the Southern African and continental economic hub.various regional and international keynote guest speakers at the just ended American Business association of Zimbabwe have said, although they could not give an economic recovery time framework owing to the political instability on going in the country, a number of critical factors and challenges have to be fundamentally addressed before the eco

Amanda Hilligas Director of Southern Africa Global Competitiveness Hub , Trade Competitiveness Project  outlined that Zimbabwe has the potential to benefit from four areas of focus , Trade and  investing enabling environment, Private sector competitiveness , modern energy , and transport services . She has to meet the AGOA eligibility criteria which she can’t meet at the present moment .

” Zimbabwe has to first establish the rule of law and political pluralism m make great efforts to combat corruption ., protect human and worker’s rights, an elimination of certain child labour practices  and strive to a market based economy ,” said Hilligas.

Zimbabwe which has of late turned to the Look East policy is also loosing out much as it has also to eliminate barriers to US trade and investment . Mugabe has often led vitriolitic attacks against the West particularly the United States and Britain .

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