Zim.would soon come to a standstill’

The MDC's policy co-odinator Eddie Cross on Friday warned that the country would soon come to a standstill' as the economic crisis reaches unprecedented levels.


The MDC MP for Bulawayo South said the situation is being compounded by the skyrocketing inflation which now stands at over 50 million percent.


The currency that was introduced by government three weeks ago is now worthless.


The country’s economy has been in recession for over decade, as a result of gross mismanagement and corruption by Mugabe’s regime. A power-sharing deal between Zanu-PF and the two MDC formations is currently on hold following disagreements over the issue of executive powers between Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai.


If there is no deal anytime soon, things will only get worse. Many firms are closed, retail stores are empty and wholesalers are closed down. The food industry is in dire straits and there are no raw materials in the country,’ Cross added.

The MDC was also receiving reports that a lot of their members were being harassed as a result of the talks’ deadlock. State security agents were also intimidating MPs.

These reports are from the midlands and involve both the police and the CIO. They are concerned about what might happen on Monday and Tuesday in Harare when MP’s and Senators are due to be sworn in and then select the Speaker for the House of Assembly,’ said Cross.


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