Matabeleland leaders discuss marginalisation

BULAWAYO - Political and cultural leaders from different organisations in Matabeleland met on September 6 to discuss the alleged marginalisation of their region by the government.

The meeting was organised by the Patriotic Union of Matabeleland (PUMA).

“We have realised that people of this region are facing one problem – marginalisation, this indirect slavery is what we need to discuss and talk about. The government has been approached and various measures were taken to bring this issue to their attention. We need to come together as a people of this region, focus on what we have to do, so that everyone will realise that the colonisation or slavery that we are under right now is actually to some people’s benefit,” spokesperson Painos Ncube, said.

Matabeleland leaders have always complained that their province continues to be neglected by the government since independence and accused the Zanu (PF) government of discriminating against ethnic minorities in the region.


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