Only in Zimbabwe

Our elections and the aftermath have been widely reported on, and the only thing that can be said is that "Only in Africa" can this happen.

Where else in the world, civilised or not, can someone be defeated in the polls and then just refuse to go: Only in Africa!

Where else can the loser dictate to the winner what he, the winner, will be allowed to do:Only in Africa!

Where else will the loser be allowed to get away with all this, only because he is black: Only in Africa!

Where else can defeated and ex ministers just carry on without being appointed by a new gov’t: Only in Africa!

So we sit and wait and see what is going to happen next.

When the sod opened parliament the other day, he said that the last bunch of ministers were the worst  he had had in the history of the country.! And he had appointed them!! But the best part is that Morgan has picked it up and said that no ways can any of the blokes be re-appointed as they were the worst in history! We  await developments!

There has been a spate of farm grabs by all sorts of people trying to get on to the bandwagon before any change might come in. Pat Aitchison has had a visit from the one army bloke that has made a stuff up of his plot here on Gyppslander, and now wants to take over Pat’s farm! He already has a second plot in Banket, now wants 3 plots!

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