Chombo threatens Mutare mayor

Zvimba North MP Ignatius Chombo, a legendary enemy of democracy, has once again threatened the elected mayor of Mutare, His Worship Brian James, for refusing to install losing Zanu PF stalwarts as special interest councillors.

Chombo phoned the mayor of Tuesday and threatened him and the 11 democratically elected councillors with dismissal if they did not install Zanu PF bigwigs Esau Mupfumi and Misheck Mugadza as councillors.

Mugadza is the former chairman of the Mutare Council Commission while Mupfumi is a member of Zanu PF’s central committee.

The Mutare Mayor refused to swear in the pair because Chombo was imposing them as special interest councillors when they did not bring in any special expertise or add value to the popularly elected MDC-dominated council.

Chombo continues to meddle with council decisions in most cities and towns yet he is not a Cabinet minister. There is no legitimate government in Zimbabwe at the moment and the nation is eagerly awaiting the conclusion of inter-party talks so that an inclusive government can begin to respond to the needs of the people.

Chombo cannot abuse his former position by appointing Zanu PF losing candidates in the last election as “special councillors” to subvert the sovereign will of the people who voted for the MDC.

By appointing these Zanu PF losing candidates as special councillors, Chombo, is declaring war on democracy, to the people of Zimbabwe, the spirit of togetherness and the MoU signed by the three parties. He cannot be allowed to do that.

The MDC controls all urban local authorities and Chombo is making sure that the day-to-day operations of the MDC councils are disrupted. Zanu PF is using a dubious quota system to bring in “special” councillors, especially Zanu PF losing candidates, which in most cases have enabled them to reverse the MDC’s majority in most rural council chambers.

We cannot allow democracy to be subverted at this stage. In March, the people of Zimbabwe voted for what they believe in. Chombo cannot unilaterally reverse what the people want. The MDC calls upon the people of Zimbabwe to reject and resist Chombos’ manoeuvres.

What the people have built, let no man put asunder. The people are the ultimate victors.

MDC Information and Publicity Department

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