Health disaster looms in Mabvuku

Residents are in need of urgent assistance in the high density suburb only 25km from Zimbabwe's capital city.

Locals live with raw sewage flowing through their streets and have survived for six months with no fresh water, forced instead to use unprotected shallow wells. Cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery are only a few of the diseases that they are likely to suffer from if this continues.

Casper Takwa, the Ward 20 councillor has taken great pains to draw attention to the pond of sewage in the centre of the suburb that parents unknowingly allow their children to play around.

ZINWA and government officials must act soon to address this problem.

When asked if they drink the water, a resident replied, What else can you do when you are faced with no option?

The Harare City Council planning department has compounded the health expectations of the residents by following the ousted Zanu (PF) policies of political expediency. It had been allocating housing stands only 10 metres away from council designated sewer ponds on the outskirts of the suburb where residents are forced to endure obnoxious smells.

With the onset of the rainy season, Environmental Health experts warn of a great manmade health disaster.

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