Robert Mugabe has been lobbying for SADC support in private

THE CROC/THE SCORPION: Emmerson "Ngwena"/ "Chinyavada" Munangagwa

Robert Mugabe has been lobbying for SADC support in private

LUANDA – A special envoy of the Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe, arrived Sunday morning in Luanda, with a message to the Angolan head of Head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, privately lobbying for favourable support in today’s mini SADC Summit.

Robert Mugabe’s henchman, who is Zimbabwe’s Housing and Social Infrastructures minister, and keyman for JOC (Joint Operations Command), Emmason “Ngwena” Munangagwa, refused to speak to reporters on arrival.

JOC is responsible for many abductions, deaths and torture of many opposition supporters during the March, June elections

Angola is attending today’s SADC extraordinary summit of the organ of defence and security of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which is discussing, among other matters, the situation in Zimbabwe.

Angola is represented at the meeting by the Foreign minister, Assunção dos Anjos, on behalf of the head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos.

 Angola Press Agency (Luanda)

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