At 0930hrs yesterday (Tuesday 28-10-08) more than 100 people participated in a demonstration organised by ROHR Zimbabwe in Masvingo.

The protest is a continuation of the peaceful demonstration that was heavily crushed by Police in Harare during a meeting of SADC heads of State on Monday (27-10-08), which left 23 people with injuries, seven arrests (7) and four people abducted by Zanu PF extremists.

ROHR Zimbabwe is organising protests all over Zimbabwe in different provinces separately to prepare the ground for a more pronounced and sustained national day of protest. To date, ROHR has staged demonstrations in Harare, Manicaland and Masvingo since 10 October 2008.

We notice the negotiations for an inclusive government are a direct result of a failed democratic process, owing to the violence and intimidation that preceded the June 27 elections which forced the Movement for Democratic change candidate Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to pullout. .

We believe the people of Zimbabwe have a right to a legitimate government. That right remains sacrosanct in any progressive democratic establishment and is protected in regional and international conventions such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (ACPHR), to which Zimbabwe is party.

The banner of the campaign is Demand for Democracy and Justice, which is to calling for free and fair elections to be held in the shortest period possible.

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