RSA Home Affairs is at it again

October 2008

Home Affairs is at it again
Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) in South Africa is not getting any joy from Home Affairs despite our repeated attempts to reach out on them. Today (10-10-2008) Zimbabweans were chased away by security guards at Marabastad's Refugees offices.
Dog wielding guards simply shot instructions from behind their fences asking Zimbabweans to leave or risk dog bites.

This came despite a known and standing agreement that Zimbabweans are served every Thursday and Friday at Home Affairs. Our offices received a string of phone calls from complaining Zimbabweans who queued for the whole night to get their asylum papers.
Manias Mangena whose number is 0765522544 is among the thousands of people who were sent away empty-handed.   
As if that is not enough we are continuously receiving written communications from Home Affairs turning down Zimbabwe asylum applicants citing the signed power sharing deal as the reason. Tapera Macheka, an MDC administrator at our Johannesburg offices was told by Home Affairs in writing to go back home because Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC president is now part of the Zimbabwe government.
It is evident that both the MDC and ZANU PF leaders are doing all they can to end the political violence in the country of Zimbabwe. They have engaged in talks and signed a peace deal to end the political instability in the country. You can feel free to avail yourself to the protection of your country since the president of the main political parties which were causing the violence in the country have made an agreement to bring peace in the country, reads part of a Home Affairs letter written to Mr Macheka.
Macheka can be contacted on (011) 339 6930 during office hours. His file number is BRA/004171/06. Others who are known victims of violence are Lindiwe Ndlovu, Thenjiwe Sibanda and Ghihowa Thandiwe
MDC SA province Chairman Austin Moyo and Methodist Church bishop, Paul Verryn, today (10-10-2008) met Home Affairs Director-General, Mavungo Msimanga.
Msimanga conceded to Moyo and Verryn’s submissions that the one month long asylum permits were too short. They complained to Msimanga that Shona speaking people were not provided with an interpreter at the Refugees Offices. It is government policy that interpreters be provided during interviews for asylum applications.

MDC SA Publicity & Information Secretary
Sibanengi Dube

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