Starving and surviving on wild berries and roots

Stalling of the unity government formation over the sharing of cabinet posts has been met by a mood of sheer frustration and desperation amongst the people .

A political settlement would be the premise to the addressing of current economic problems and hopes for a speedy solution to the Zimbabwean situation have faded as Mugabe continues to hang onto power at all costs. Hunger and starvation are rampant from border to border. A contact of mine from Hurungwe near Karoi was telling me that the two popular NGOs covering their area, Cadec and World Vision have not operated in their area since March 2008 and hunger has manifested itself to the extent that people are consuming roots in order to survive. This year’s planting season will certainly come and go as they have no seed or fertilizer.

Their hopes for food aid and survival were pinned on the latest round of talks between Zanu PF and the two MDCs and news of their collapse will definitely crush their hopes and prolong their misery. They have heard nothing of the recently launched “government program” spearheaded by the military to provide seeds and fertilizer. In either case even if the government program was to reach Hurungwe, the provisions will only go to known Zanu PF supporters as what happened during last year’s Operation Maguta program, which was again led by the military. At the launch of the program at Kazangarare Township, known MDC supporters were singled out and returned home empty handed and an example is that of Tapiwa Mubwanda who was later murdered in April this year when the countrywide violent political persecution of MDC supporters commenced. So if this year’s program kicks off, which I strongly doubt will considering the amount of propaganda Zanu PF is peddling as they try to portray that things are ok in Zimbabwe, none of the provisions will reach perceived sympathizers of the MDC because of extent of polarization between Zanu PF and MDC supporters. Hurungwe is one particular area that experienced a significantly high number of reports relating to political violence post March 29.

I got wind of news that a woman who resides in the Hurungwe East area of Musambakaruma whom I did a report on after she was gang raped by Zanu PF supporters for being MDC post March 29 is now pregnant. Such is the cruelty of life in this part of a world, in a country where the government loses an election and refuses to release the results, goes on to sponsor the murder, violence and rape of opposition supporters and adding insult to injury then further dictates the sharing of cabinet posts while millions of people, both Zanu PF and MDC, countrywide are starving and surviving on wild berries and roots. God help us.

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