Water crisis puts children at risk

City children fetch dirty water from the rivers. The Zimbabwe No Water Authority has decided that October is No Piped Water Month for the people of Glen Norah and other high density suburbs, said the photographer who captured this scene.


Water shortages have led to the possible closu

Hatfield Primary School has been without water for four weeks, and toilets are completely blocked.

The decision to close the school has been delayed by the Grade 7 examinations in progress, said a statement from the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA). [The current situation] poses a serious threat of cholera and other disease outbreaks that have wreaked havoc in the city. Homes, offices and other public institutions have been victims of the ZINWA’s failure to provide clean and accessible water throughout the city of Harare.

Areas like Mabvuku, Tafara, Glenview, Hatfield, Msasa Park, Glen Lorne, Mandara and Sentosa have gone for months without water from their taps. Areas like Chitungwiza have lost dozens of lives to cholera and other related illnesses.

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