Harare: Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU PF) is set to benefit from the economic rescue package the country is set to receive from regional and international community.

According to the deal the emphasis shall be placed on the agricultural sector, a field ZANU PF loyalists have benefited so much through the use of the party cards.


“The deal shall see ZANU PF benefiting more ahead of their counterparts in an inclusive government,” warned Madock Chivasa NCA spokesperson.


In a statement released by civil society organizations in South Africa, it expressed concern over Reserve Bank’s quasi-fiscal policies that have ruined the country.

An official from the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) said “Gideon Gono’s policies will see an increase in the stripping of the country’s resources,” said an official who asked not to be named.

“Our local industry will be forced to compete with the 300 years old South African industries following the liberalization of the economy and one can easily predict that domestic markets will not survive,” said Munjodzi Mutandiri of Zimbabwe Youth Network.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Secretary General, Wellington Chibebe said more jobs would be lost in the envisaged deal.

“The policy envisaged on the deal signed by three parties will not benefit Zimbabwean workers, we are going to see the continued job losses and serious dwindling of opportunities for the millions unemployed,” said Chibebe.

He also added “For all his (Mugabe) talk about sovereignty he has exposed his misrule, has exposed Zimbabwe to over dependence on other countries, in places we were partners we are now beggars and objects of charity”.  

Chibebe urged the MDC not to follow ZANU PF ways when doing business at Munhumutapa buildings.

“We hope the MDC will not forget it is a workers’ party founded from the traditions of the workers movement in Zimbabwe,” Chibebe warned.


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