Zim NGO Leaders Meet With Tsvangirai

Zim NGO Leaders Meet With Tsvangirai

HARARE, October 27 2008 - Representatives of the National Association of Non Governmental Organisations (NANGO), on Monday met with Prime Minister designate Morgan Tsvangirai, hours before the make or break SADC Troika mediated dialogue, to urge him to end the cabinet sharing talks stalemate.

The NANGO leadership had earlier on met with ZANU-PF Chief Negotiator Patrick Chinamasa, and presented a document for onward submission to President Robert Mugabe. The team is also scheduled to meet with the Mutambara led MDC leadership. NANGO spokesperson, Fambai Ngirande, noted that as the inter-party dialogue process continues to stall, humanitarian conditions have degenerated to unprecedented levels, with food insecurity leaving close to five million people in need of humanitarian support, amid hyper-inflation, repression and mass unemployment. “The Masvingo declaration holds that the “delay in the amicable conclusion of the talks is negatively

impacting on the hopes and expectations of Zimbabweans.” “It also

reiterates the importance of the urgent and amicable resolution of the Inter-Party dialogue as the first step towards national efforts to effectively meet the humanitarian needs of the people and put in motion, national healing, economic recovery and transitional justice processes,”

said Ngirande.

Ngirande said NANGO was in the meantime rallying its entire membership to show solidarity and give practical assistance to the hundreds of protesters who were injured during the attack by riot police as well as the

WOZA leadership who are currently unjustly incarcerated. “As the talks are

underway the NANGO Board condemns in the strongest possible terms the violent clampdown by State security officials on hundreds of marchers from various sections of Civil Society, conducting non-violent protests to press political leaders to conclude the talks,” said the NANGO spokesman. “The clampdown is yet another illustration of the extent of the absence of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe. More than forty seven protestors from the Women’s Coalition who led the “Conclude the Talks Now – We are Dying of Hunger” campaign, are being held at the Harare Central Police Station.

“NANGO remains committed to supporting its members in engaging non violent social actions to agitate for the urgent conclusion of the talks and for democracy, constitutionalism and human rights in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Meanwhile the Parliament of Zimbabwe has moved a motion to have the food situation declared a National Disaster – a move Ngirande said will precipitate the the formation of an inclusive Inter-sectoral Commission to oversee the sourcing and equitable distribution of relief efforts.

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