Zim. woman tried for murder in Botswana

GABARONE - Hluphekile Dube, Nyasha Abel and Isaac Ngoma, are due to appear before Lobatse High Court on October 23 on charges of murdering and robbing Rawjbhai Patel who was due to return to his native India in two days.

The three Zimbabwean citizens are alleged to have stolen P2 000, US$1000 and a cheque for 1510,50 Indian Rupees as well as handbags and jewelry. Ambrose Mubika is prosecuting.

Dube worked as a maid for Patel in Extension 4 and is the first Zimbabwean woman to face murder charges in the Botswana courts. There are currently a dozen Zimbabwean men being held under suspicion of murder, and one on death row.

An unspecified number of Zimbabweans have allegedly been shot and killed by police and house owners around Botswana over the past years for armed robberies.

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