mdc1.jpgThe MDC dismisses Zanu PF's frivolous and mischievous claims that the draft Constitutional Amendment No. 19 is an inclusive Bill and has the input of all the three political parties.


Contrary to reports being peddled by Zanu PF, the draft does not have
any input from the MDC and we are not privy of its contents. We have
never seen the draft and we are surprised that such key positions on
the way forward are being communicated through the media.

As far as we are concerned, the draft that has been sent to Mbeki is a
Zanu PF document with Zanu PF perspectives. Our draft is also ready and
will be sent to Mbeki for consideration.

The final Bill to be tabled before parliament should be inclusive of
the three main political parties’ views. The Bill should also be
premised on the GPA document initialed on the 11th of September 2008 as
the one signed on the 15th of September was tempered with.

When the MDC National Council met in Harare last week, the party
resolved that it would not get into an inclusive government with Zanu
PF unless the Constitutional Amendment No. 19 had been passed into an
Act by Parliament and all the outstanding issues have been resolved.

 The MDC’s outstanding issues including the appointment of Provincial
Governors, senior government officials such as Permanent Secretaries
and Ambassadors have been prevented from discussion by Zanu PF.

Other sticking issues include; the equitable distribution of
ministerial portfolios and the composition and constitution of the
National Security Council.

The MDC’s also calls for the immediate convening of Parliament to carry out its normal mandate of overseeing the Executive.

MDC Information and Publicity Department

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