MDC Statement-MDC not part of inclusive government until outstanding issues are resolved

The MDC would like to dismiss distortions and fabrication being peddled by the state media in reference to the MDC's position regarding the formation of an inclusive government.

On Friday 15 November 2008, the MDC’s supreme decision making body, the
National Council met in Harare and unanimously resolved to reject the
SADC Troika’s resolution and ruling.

However, the state media especially The Herald and ZBC are channeling
falsehoods claiming that the MDC had resolved to join Zanu PF in the
inclusive government regardless of the defects and deficiencies in the
agreement as currently obtaining.

This statement by the state media is totally misleading and the MDC is
concerned that the state media is in violation of the global political
agreement signed on 15 September 2008, which states that the public
media should provide balanced and fair coverage to all political

The misrepresentation of facts by the state media is very mischievous
as the people of Zimbabwe would like to know the truth concerning the
issue on the formation of an inclusive government.

On Friday the National Council met and rejected SADC Troika’s resolution of

28 October 2008 seeking to erroneously reduce the sticking points to only the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The council also resolved that in the event of an illegimate government
being formed by Zanu PF, the MDC would not be part to the same and will
peacefully, constitutionally and democratically mobilize and campaign
against the illegimate government.

For the avoidance of doubt the National Council resolutions clearly
stated that the MDC shall participate in a new government only if the
following issues are resolved;

1.    The equitability and fairness in the allocation and distribution of

all ministerial portfolios

2.    The equitable allocation of Provincial Governors

3.    The legal passage of Constitutional Amendment No.19

4.    The constitution and composition of the National Security Council

5.    Correction of mischievous omission in the agreement signed on the

15th of September 2008

6.    The appointment of senior government officials such as Permanent

Secretaries and Ambassadors

MDC Information and Publicity Department.

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