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This week on Hot Seat, Violet’s guest is political commentator Brian Kagoro. Zimbabweans have become impatient over the delay in the talks and there are mixed reactions about what people want to see happening. There are some who say the power sharing agreement is a step towards stabilising food security and resuscitating the economy, but others say the deal is becoming irrelevant and it is not possible to build trust between the rival parties. Kagoro is worried that this political deal might turn out to be the biggest hoax Zimbabwean politics has ever seen. On Friday’s Callback Dickens complains that selfish politicians are busy jockeying for positions while people are starving; Norman Mpofu, MDC MP for Bulilima/Mangwe East, talks about the problems people are facing in Plumtree, and Muridzi says Gono’s playing around with the economy’ has resulted in mass starvation. In Cathy Buckle’s Letter from Zimbabwe she notes that another week has brought another stalemate for Zimbabwe – no relief for ordinary people, no political progress, no change,’ and everything about life in Zimbabwe has been reduced to the most absurd levels.’ Then it’s time for HEALTHbeat, which takes a holistic view of issues of health and well-being.  Biomedical Scientist Freeman Chari discusses the effects of mortality and migration on Zimbabwe’s HIV prevalence rate and Gift talks about the extreme difficulties people are facing accessing antiretroviral therapies. Then it’s time for Reporter’s Forum where Lance looks at the week’s top stories with broadcast journalist Brilliant Pongo and SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme. They discuss the case of the South African businessman who is being charged for allegedly violating the Customs and Excise Act after he donated his bullet proof BMW for Tsvangirai’s use during the elections. Join us for The Heart of the Matter where well-known journalist and broadcaster Tanonoka Whande shares his unique thoughts and insights on current events. On the programme Tanonoka focuses on the election of the first Black President in the USA, Barack Obama. What does this mean for Zimbabweans, and can we gain hope from this for the future of our country? On Callback Denis says the situation in Zim is a disgrace,’ and Njonjo in the UK has just come back from a visit home where he saw for himself how dismal the situation is. He was surprised to see that his former colleagues in the police are all struggling to survive. Then Kusile talks about how people in the rural areas are dying and says the government is entirely to blame.

This Sunday on Through the Valley, Richard reports on a ground breaking reconstruction deal forged by leaders of Christian denominations in Zimbabwe, who confessed that they have failed the people and now vow to work together for unity in the face of oppression and injustice. Also Barack Obama has written about the audacity of hope’ and put his thesis to the test. Can his presidency also offer hope for Zimbabwe? Tichaona presents the programme Rebuilding Zimbabwe where he speaks to MDC MP for Kambuzuma, Willas Madzimure, who says that  despite the promise of foreign aid from the world community, when an inclusive government is in place, the country will still face an uphill task in rebuilding its economy. Social and economic reform will be of more use than aid in the long recovery process. Democracy 101 is the programme that gives a beginners guide to democracy and the democratic process. Willy and Dominic continue with their discussion on the link between democracy and spirituality.  They also discuss the role played by vadzimu’ or spirit mediums, as well as orthodox religious beliefs and practices.  

Every weekday we bring you a Newsreel bulletin at both the opening and the closing of our weekday broadcasts, with all the latest news concerning Zimbabwe, and on Saturday we have a News Roundup of the week’s events.


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