Dutch and British: beef up EU Zimbabwe sanctions

mugabe_-_parliament_opening.jpgMugabe and his wife at the official opening of the parliament
The Hague - AP - The Dutch and British governments want tougher EU sanctions against Zimbabwe in an attempt to pressure President Rober

foreign ministry statement said London and The Hague want travel bans
imposed on more members of Mugabe’s ruling elite. The EU already has
blacklisted 172 people and four companies linked to Mugabe’s regime –
banning them from traveling to the bloc and freezing their assets. The
EU also has frozen aid projects in Zimbabwe and imposed an arms
embargo. "It’s going from bad to worse" Foreign Minister Maxime
Verhagen said in the statement. "Mugabe and his clique are not willing
to implement the power-sharing deal." Mugabe agreed to share power with
opposition parties, which won a slight majority in parliamentary
elections in March, but both sides are still wrangling over Cabinet
posts. Mugabe has given most plum ministries to his party. "In the
meantime, violence against the population is continuing and the
humanitarian crisis is deepening," the statement said.

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